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To celebrate Earth Hour on 31 March 2012, Saturday, DMCC  will come together with Blue Planet Green People and JLT Community to 'Pledge a Pot'! On this day we will all take a pledge, to make our planet greener,  more beautiful and become JLT's eco champs. We will pledge to grow one sapling per family. Imagine how green JLT will look!

So what is 'Pledge a Pot' ?

'Pledge a Pot' is serious business! Nah! We are just kidding! It is a fun activity/ competition organized exclusively for JLT community by Blue Planet Green People - your friendly neighborhood organic store. During the Earth Hour celebration 31 March 2012, we will hand over organic plant saplings to first 60 residents who register themselves to pledge a pot and be a part of this Eco - Champ initiative. Eco - Champs will then  nurture their saplings and after two weeks we will select the one winner based on the growth of the sapling.

When and Where will this event happen?

This will happen on 31 Mar, 2012 (Saturday) during the Earth Hour celebration at Almas Tower Lake, JLT (5:30 pm - 10:00 pm). Make sure you come by the 'Pledge a Pot' kiosk at the earliest!

What can I expect at the venue?

It's pretty simple. We will handover a sapling to get you started with the competition.  You will then nurture this sapling at your home.There will also be some exciting goodies  to welcome you to our competition and first 60 registrations will be selected to be a part of the JLT Eco - Champ Club Committee.  And each member of this committee will be be referred to as a JLT Eco-Champ! DMCC,   Blue Planet Green People and JLT Eco - Champ Club will organize various exciting eco events and eco drives for JLT folks throughout the year. No matter what age, we have a lot in store for you! You can either register yourself online before hand or at the venue. But we highly recommend you register yourself online right away as we will take only 60 slots for JLT Eco- Champs.

How do I register?

Registration is very simple. Click here. And make sure you like our Facebook page and also click on ' Attending the event' ! (Take help from your parents to do this!). You can also register at the venue. But as we mentioned earlier, slots are limited! So hurry!

How old do I have to be to be an Eco - Champ?

Anyone who is  5+!

How do I show my progress?

All you have to do is post a picture of your 2 week-old sapling on our Facebook page. This will make sure everyone gets to see all those beautiful entries! Wonder how green and beautiful our page will look. We are so curious and excited already!

What will an Eco- Champ win for all the love and care he/she gives to the sapling?

A surprise gift hamper and a cool t-shirt! :)

What will be the role of an Eco - Champ in future?

You will be a part of the Eco - Champ Committee that will run all future green initiatives and activities for JLT community.

How many Eco - Champs will be chosen in JLT?

Only first 60 registrations will  part of the Eco-Champ committee.

What about the rest of us? And what if I don't get through to the Eco - Champ committee but still very enthusiastic to do something in JLT?

You could still be a member and a volunteer in the community and be a part of all the action. As our community grows bigger and we see more and more participation, we will be in need of more Eco - Champs. Do register with us and be a volunteer. And we will be more than happy to take you on board! :)

Is this open for all?

Unfortunately this is limited to JLT community. But we sure hope to build more such green communities!

What if I need more information?

Call us! +971-403695209


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